Kieran O'Connell

Since arriving in Australia from County Cork over 30 years ago, Kieran O’Connell has become a well known and much loved member of Melbourne’s Celtic music scene. 
Those who have followed him throughout his days in Highland Paddy and later in Shanakee know him as a born storyteller and entertainer; a singer who can take you to another place through his songs and music. 
Those songs and observations have come to life on his debut solo album, Life’s a Journey. 
The 15 tracks tell the stories of his youth, his travels and the people in his life he holds close to his heart. 
From the opening track, a duet with Green South Records songstress Maria Forde, Kieran’s songs are tales of experiences, emotions and events, written in his inimitable style, frank, forthright and utterly engaging. 
He’s one of those blokes who knows just about everyone, a loyal friend and bandmate and a staunch supporter of live music and the people who make it happen. 
It’s little wonder he chose the name Shanakee for his band. In Gaelic, Shanakee is written Seanchaí and is the name given to a storyteller or a bearer of old lore; someone who keeps the stories and legends alive. 
It’s an apt description for this Irish expat, a man who has wholeheartedly embraced his adopted land through his life, his story and his song, while still honouring the Celtic spirit that burns deep within.