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First Time Digital - Poteen - Out on the Ocean 


Poteen formed in the mid seventies, performed at the first three Port Fairy Folk Festivals and forged themselves a reputation as one of the finest trad bands in Australia.  
Through numerous lineup changes over the journey, the band was home to some fine musicians and have left behind an unparalleled legacy. We're thrilled to be involved in the digitisation and preservation of this classic album. 



Van Walker drops Happy Dogs 


Melbourne Singer/Songwriter Van Walker has released his first new acoustic song in over 7 years - the instantly classic Happy Dogs. 
And with this fantastic new track he has once again created a sound both old and new. Happy Dogs hits your ears with a laconic familiarity that speaks to the heart with an effortless intimacy. 
"I wrote the song years ago on tour while on a brief stop at a friends farm for a few days, watching the farm dogs run free and just bursting with energy and love of life. All the philosophy in the world can't explain life like a dog can: chase it down and hump it silly: it's that easy." 
Happy Dogs features Aryo Hall on Tuba and was recorded during a marathon two day session with Dave Walker and Phil Georges from Green South Records which yielded 48 new recordings, the bulk of which was previously unrecorded new material. 
"My mother continued to suggest I record it. I'm rapt anyone's interested in any of my songs, so I'm more than pleased to oblige any repeated request. Plus, who doesn't love a good doggo?" 
This is the first of many 'new' songs Green South Records will be releasing on Van’s behalf over the coming months and we can’t wait! 
"Meeting Dave has been a huge boon for me, as a fellow artist and friend, he has been nothing but impressive, hard working and hands-on. Green South is the kind of label musicians dream of being apart of and to say I'm excited about working with them is an enormous understatement. I think regards my work, working with Dave and Phil, the best is yet to come." 

“Van Walker writes songs with the ease the rest of us breath.” JB HiFi Magazine. 


New Release - Shane Pacey | The Gardener 


Shane Pacey is best known for his work as singer and guitarist with legendary blues band, The Bondi Cigars. 
They’ve been a fixture on the Australian blues scene since 1989, with Shane’s powerful vocals and razor sharp guitar instantly recognisable to lovers of the genre. 
And he’s taken the same timeless, unpretentious approach he brings to his music with a brand new acoustic album, ‘The Gardener’. 
While this beautiful, often delicate recording eschews the driving electric sounds of the Cigars, there’s no doubting who is behind it. The quality of the lyrics and performances; coupled with his unique way of perceiving the world around him are hallmarks of his work. 
The Gardener was recorded during a period of self-imposed isolation in the front bedroom of his flat in the NSW Southern Highlands between January and April 2018. 
The isolation spawned a batch of new songs all written, performed and recorded by Shane. 
It’s all acoustic guitars, mandolin and dulcimer underpinning an album full of lyrics that cover a variety of themes and emotions. 
Some of the songs are deeply personal, while others are observations of the world around him. The 12 tracks on The Gardener combine to create a cohesive, finely crafted album that highlight his talents as a songwriter and musician. 
This is a seriously good album, created by an artist at the peak of his powers.


Marni Sheehan & Mark Smith - A Crazy Dream 

Marni Sheehan and Mark Smith’s new album, A Crazy Dream is a collection of songs that weave pictures and stories of their 40 plus years of performing and recording. 
Marni and Mark first worked together in the legendary psychedelic blues band ‘Reuben Tice’ in the late seventies and have once again joined forces, this time to perform and record as a duo. 
A Crazy Dream is rootsy blues, originals, alt & vintage country music featuring acoustic, electric, dobro and lap steel guitars, mandolin, percussion and stomp box. 
Great story songs, wonderful performances and it's available digitally here or you can order a physical copy here.

60% off Whirling Furphies entire catalogue  

What a great show from Whirling Furphies at The Lomond Hotel on Sunday afternoon, November 11! 
The place was packed and the band was firing on all cylinders. 
We're still basking in the after gig glow so for one week only we're offering the entire Whirling Furphies digital back catalogue at a 60% discount! 
Two albums and two EPs - the entire recorded works of this iconic Australian band for only $12. 
> Download yours now.

Simon McCullough, Southern Ocean Rivers 


Simon McCullough delivers on his second solo album, Southern Ocean Rivers with stellar performances, great songwriting and a beautifully produced record. 
There’s a reality that exists in the music of someone who has lived what they sing about. 
It’s like putting a filter over a blurred image and bringing it into sharp relief; no confusion about the story, no doubt about the song. 
Simon McCullough has lived the stories he sings about, puts them down like mile markers on his road, lets you in on the secrets. 
His voice is an incredible instrument in and of itself. As a singer he’s just as much at home on his guitar or dobro playing tender love songs as he is on the big stages fronting some of the toughest rock and roll bands in Australia. 
His second release on Green South Records, Southern Ocean Rivers, is a mature recording showcasing an artist at the top of his game. The songs are great, performances superb and his cast of supporting musicians all bring playing of the highest quality. Joining him for a couple of vocal performances on this album is his long time musical colleague Kerri Lowdon. Other guest artists include Jon Lee Emry on drums, Greg Hunt on violin and mandolin, Peter O’Shea on violin, Jules Vines on piano accordion, Jig Darmz on Harmonica and Dave Walker on acoustic guitars.


New release - William Alexander, The Kid From Bourke 

William Alexander's new album The Kid From Bourke marks a large leap in the young singer’s skills and talent both as a singer and as a guitar player. Noticeably more confident in his performance on this new album than on previous recordings, William’s strong voice and guitar picking are accompanied on many songs by fiddle player Cat Moser (of the old time duo Cat & Clint) from Blackwood, Victoria. 

Recorded at Sound Recordings studio (Archer, C.W. Stoneking) in Campbell’s Creek, Victoria as a mono recording directly to tape by Alex Bennett with Dave Walker (Green South Record) as producer. 

This is William’s first release on vinyl. 

Inspired by time spent back in Bourke in recent times, this record features a diverse collection of songs. Including traditional ballads from the history of folk songs, tragic, painful country songs such as Red Foley’s Old Shep, and many songs penned by Alexander himself touching on his struggles and shortcomings, becoming a father and of course, his love for his birthplace as heard in the single from the album titled Wanaaring Road.

First Time Digital, Ewen Baker 

Ewen Baker has been a part of the Australian music scene for over 25 years, performing with Shane Howard, Archie Roach, Mary Black, Steve Pigram, Yirrmal and Declan O’Rourke to name a few. 
His album, ‘The Inch Before the Saw’ was released on CD in 2016 but hadn’t made it into the digital space until now. We’re rapt that he’s come on board and we’re particularly proud to have this album available online for the first time. 
‘The Inch Before the Saw’ features 14 traditional Celtic tunes played with some of Australia’s finest tune backers, Jim Green, John Hudson, Shane Howard, Patrick Evans, Dan West, Tommy Carty, Jim Moginie, Peter Daffy and Jeremy Dunlop. 
Each player has been an important influence on Ewen and his music and brought their own flavours and nuance to these beautiful tunes. 
This fantastic album is also available on CD direct from Ewen.      > More

Kieran O'Connell, Ava Single 

Green South Records is proud to have been involved in the recording, mixing and production of this track as well as creating the accompanying video. 
Kieran O'Connell has long been an advocate for the legalisation of cannibis oil to treat those who desperately need it.  
Vera Twomey grew up, as did Kieran, in County Cork, Ireland. Her daughter Ava needs the oil to prevent life threatening epileptic seizures and she has been campaigning long and hard to make that a reality, not just for her daughter but for all people who need it.  
Kieran O'Connell's new single, 'Ava' celebrates the battle Vera has been waging to have medical CBD legalised in Ireland. Vera has fought a long and hard against the the Irish Government and the HSE to enable CBD oil to be legally made available to treat Ava. 
Ava has Dravet Syndrome, an intractabe form of drug-resistant epilepsy. The only thing that stops her life-threatening seizures is cannibis oil. While Vera has won a battle, there is still much work to do to ensure this medicine is made available to all who genuinely need it.

> More