New release - William Alexander, The Kid From Bourke 

William Alexander's new album The Kid From Bourke marks a large leap in the young singer’s skills and talent both as a singer and as a guitar player. Noticeably more confident in his performance on this new album than on previous recordings, William’s strong voice and guitar picking are accompanied on many songs by fiddle player Cat Moser (of the old time duo Cat & Clint) from Blackwood, Victoria. 

Recorded at Sound Recordings studio (Archer, C.W. Stoneking) in Campbell’s Creek, Victoria as a mono recording directly to tape by Alex Bennett with Dave Walker (Green South Record) as producer. 

This is William’s first release on vinyl. 

Inspired by time spent back in Bourke in recent times, this record features a diverse collection of songs. Including traditional ballads from the history of folk songs, tragic, painful country songs such as Red Foley’s Old Shep, and many songs penned by Alexander himself touching on his struggles and shortcomings, becoming a father and of course, his love for his birthplace as heard in the single from the album titled Wanaaring Road.

First Time Digital, Ewen Baker 

Ewen Baker has been a part of the Australian music scene for over 25 years, performing with Shane Howard, Archie Roach, Mary Black, Steve Pigram, Yirrmal and Declan O’Rourke to name a few. 
His album, ‘The Inch Before the Saw’ was released on CD in 2016 but hadn’t made it into the digital space until now. We’re rapt that he’s come on board and we’re particularly proud to have this album available online for the first time. 
‘The Inch Before the Saw’ features 14 traditional Celtic tunes played with some of Australia’s finest tune backers, Jim Green, John Hudson, Shane Howard, Patrick Evans, Dan West, Tommy Carty, Jim Moginie, Peter Daffy and Jeremy Dunlop. 
Each player has been an important influence on Ewen and his music and brought their own flavours and nuance to these beautiful tunes. 
This fantastic album is also available on CD direct from Ewen.      > More

Kieran O'Connell, Ava Single 

Green South Records is proud to have been involved in the recording, mixing and production of this track as well as creating the accompanying video. 
Kieran O'Connell has long been an advocate for the legalisation of cannibis oil to treat those who desperately need it.  
Vera Twomey grew up, as did Kieran, in County Cork, Ireland. Her daughter Ava needs the oil to prevent life threatening epileptic seizures and she has been campaigning long and hard to make that a reality, not just for her daughter but for all people who need it.  
Kieran O'Connell's new single, 'Ava' celebrates the battle Vera has been waging to have medical CBD legalised in Ireland. Vera has fought a long and hard against the the Irish Government and the HSE to enable CBD oil to be legally made available to treat Ava. 
Ava has Dravet Syndrome, an intractabe form of drug-resistant epilepsy. The only thing that stops her life-threatening seizures is cannibis oil. While Vera has won a battle, there is still much work to do to ensure this medicine is made available to all who genuinely need it.

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Frank Jones 

From Melbourne, Australia - one of the musical capitals of the world, Frank Jones is the songwriter and singer with the legendary Whirling Furphies, the Moomba Victims, the Whole Town and BiG FOLK. 
As well as penning Melbourne's iconic anthem, 'My Brown Yarra', one of the great songs about Melbourne, Frank's lifetime of cross-genre songwriting includes five outstanding albums of his own and a multitude of songs written for and co-written with other artists. 
Frank has won the LawsonPaterson Songwriters’ Award (Port Fairy Folk Festival), two Labour Day Song Awards, an Apollo Bay Music Festival Song Award and an Australian Songwriters’ Award First Prize. 
'Boys Like You', a song Frank co-wrote with rapper 360 (Matt Colwell), was nominated for the 2013 ARIA Song of the Year, 2013 APRA Urban Song of the Year and Most Played Australian Work of the Year. It was a quadruple platinum selling single and was voted Number 8 on the 2012 JJJ Hottest 100. It has now been included on high flying American rapper G-Eazy’s recently released ‘Mama Always Told Me’ off his Beautiful and Damned album. 
His songs have been recorded by the likes of Renee Geyer who recorded a sweet version of 'She Loves Me Not'. He has co-written songs with Ross Wilson, Brent Parlane, Gary Pinto, Nathaniel Willemse, Jamie McDell, MDC, Stephen Blackburn, Emmanuel Kelly, Bobby Flynn, Andrew Lowden, Jess Guille, Dave Darmasana, Rod Bustos and Vanessa Amorosi. > More

William Alexander 

Young troubadour and old-time folk singer William Alexander, has joined the Green South Records team and we're thrilled to have him on board. 
William’s old school ways are who he is, he plays the music that speaks to him and he sings with a passion and conviction that leaves you in no doubt you’re listening to the real deal. 
His voice and guitar picking are evocative of folk music giants Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan and his interpretations of classic folk songs are quite simply superb,  they are earnest and sublime. 
He travels light, just he and his Gibson acoustic, heading off from his home in the country to play concerts and festivals all over the land. 
William Alexander has been called many things in his short but full life, including titles such as the 'Gentleman of the Bush', 'The kid from Bourke' or ’Young William’. 
He is most at home when close to a river and surrounded by the plants and animals that bring life to this country.  
He has always had a love for history and knowing about what life was like back when people stashed all their savings in their bed mattresses instead of the banks. Like many musicians, music is a way that William can communicate his experience of life in song, though he often finds the words of others to be valuable for telling stories of love gone wrong, living on the road, and working in the sun.  
So for William, folk songs are the perfect coupling of his twin loves of history and story-telling song. If heart touching (breaking) tales from the Appalachian mountains interest you or the stories told through early Australian and American country music get your heart pumping, then perhaps William Alexander is your man.

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Whirling Furphies back catalogue online for the first time. 

For the first time ever, Whirling Furphies entire back catalogue is now available online and we're over the moon to be associated with a group who really helped define the folk music landscape in Australia. 

The legendary Whirling Furphies stormed onto the Australian folk scene in 1989 with their swirling mix of acoustic instruments.  

Their hooky pop-style songs coupled with the band’s brilliant musicianship quickly established them at the forefront of the acoustic and folk scene in Australia.  

Frank Jones’ lyrics reflect the urban experience of Melbourne in the early nineties, and along with Paul Kelly and Mick Thomas they helped establish a new and very contemporary Australian folk song style. 

Their four releases included the two seminal albums, Lizard Tree and Head Over Heels along with the EPs Whirled Music and Don’t Stop. 

Port Fairy Festival in 1998 was supposed to be the finale for the Furphies, but fifteen years later, in 2013, they surprised themselves by the pleasure they found in playing again.

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Joe Creighton Collection now on Green South Records 

Joe Creighton is the musician’s musician, a consummate professional and gifted multi instrumentalist. 

He has played, recorded and toured with John Farnham, Kylie, Olivia Newton John, the Black Sorrows, Tina Arena, Tim Finn and Lee Kernaghan to name but a few. 

Once upon he was best known as a bass player and session singer but now his body of work as a solo artist has undisputedly established him as an outstanding singer, songwriter and performer, commanding audiences with his powerful vocals and charismatic delivery. 

Joe’s albums - Holywell, Falling Again and Running Free, as well as his compilation album explore his Celtic roots and draw on his soul, gospel and R&B influences.  

They are beautifully crafted bodies of work that leave you in no doubt that you’re listening to an amazing artist at the peak of his powers. 

Joe Creighton, now available on Green South Records.  

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Graham Dodsworth 

Graham Dodsworth has been part of the Australian folk music scene for nearly 50 years and is regarded as one of the finest guitarists and singers in the land. 
His three albums have found a new home on Green South Records and they’re now available for the first time on all the major digital music providers around the world. 
Graham’s passion and love of the music are obvious in these recordings; his effortless flowing finger picking guitar and pure voice draws you in to the story, connecting you with the words, the moods and the emotions. 
Over the past five decades he has played in front of hundreds of thousands of people all around the world, performing his own material, and reimagining the classics. 
He is also a noted writer and historian, proudly carrying the torch for folk music in Australia. 
These albums are masterclasses in the genre; you can hear a performer in command of his craft and someone who has a rich and deep knowledge of the music he plays. 
Needless to say we’re really happy that Graham has chosen to reissue his albums with Green South Records and we hope you enjoy the music.


Liminality: RiverMead 

Liminality’s new album RiverMead is our latest release on Green South Records. 
I had the privilege of being at the controls for the recording and mixing of this album and I am really thankful to have had the experience. 
Over the course of making an album you get to know the music on a really deep level. And there is something very special about being in the same space as a group of talented musicians while they ply their craft. 
When the magic happens, it is something very tangible. And with the three members of Liminality, there was a palpable energy shift in the room as a take was being played.  
It’s not unlike the feeling you get when you walk into a sacred space, there was a stillness, a sanctity, and overriding sense of calm that took over the room and existed until the last note faded. 
I think the key to good recordings is being able to get some of that energy onto the album and have it felt by you, the listener. 
Let’s hope it worked.  
RiverMead is now available on CD or download. 


Peter Anderson - The Fakir O'Fyvio 

Anyone who has followed Celtic and Folk music in Australia for any length of time would no doubt have seen Peter Anderson at some stage. 
A gifted multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he’s at home and infamous on the chromatic accordion, the Appalachian dulcimer, guitar, tin whistle and concertina. 
His album, The Fakir O’Fyvio, is a spot on calling card, telling you pretty much everything you need to know about the man and his music. It’s equal parts original and trad Celtic styled tunes and arrangements of traditional songs, interspersed throughout with the odd cheeky parody, sometimes venturing into the bawdy! 
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